Introduction to UserScripts for GreaseMonkey & TamperMonkey


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  1. if you have so many different passwords, i have an app that will store your passwords for you and allow you to scroll through a list of all your website logins and copy and paste the username and passwords for those sites with a click of a button for easier logging in. i made this app to assist myself with this same problem.

  2. i'm here to find out what this is. i did not install it but noticed that it was installed to my browser. how the hell that happen?

  3. Why do you use jQuery if you use the javascript function document.getElementById? That funtcion can be accessed without jQuery?

  4. i come here because i have this extention on my pc and dont knw what it is and for what reason is on my pc and how did get in it 😀 tell me more about it and how to use it will aprisiate alot

  5. Does this still work for anyone?
    Or have I just used the wrong type of brackets, quotes, colon instead of a comma?
    Can't easily see the differance even if HDD is used on youtube.
    I typed in
    // ==UserScript==
    //@name      PasswordToText
    //@version   0.1
    //@description Reveal password
    //@match     http://*
    //@match     https://*
    //@copyright 2012+, You
    // ==/UserScript==

    jquery(function($) {
        document.getElementById($('input[type=password]').attr('id')).setAttribute('type', 'text');

  6. Anyone who can help me with this?

    There is a troll who is a huge annoyance to a forum where I was a member, Someone is able to make a tampermonkey scrip that is able to hide posts of trolls we want to block and it worked.

    Suddenly this troll created a new account,  The username is numeric like 555555 and the script is unable to block username of people composed of numbers.  The script can block people with usernames like "Michael" or "Sarah_09" but it cant block people with usernames like "12345" anyone here who knows how to block numeric usernames?

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