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  1. Give me your iron force account….c.ommon …lets play together at the same account what you sau.. Lets kill some tanks ….

  2. Yes sir, the more iron force facebook friend you have increase the chances of cash, but facebook tracks how many friend request you have out and can be blocked for adding if you do it to much, so start with people you have most common friends with, they are most likely to add you, I have only an iron force facebook, and add iron force players, I do 5-10 request a day and look who I have to most common friends with, good luck 

  3. I'm not sure what you mean, sometimes if I click on to many it will tell me to wait, I just close out and reopen, but the secret to increase your facebook iron force friends so you have more cash to grab, also look at the Facebook chat box it will tell you how many cash grabs are available. I hope this helped, if not inbox me on facebook, TAldridge 

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