Is Aim Assist On Destiny 2 PC UNFAIR!?


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  1. I MIGHT use a controller for PC, but 1: I'm too used to using a keyboard for my game controls, and 2: I don't know how to use a controller for PC XDDDD

  2. They spend 300$ on their multi button's short cut's keyboard & mouse and they cry for the tiny help controller's players get.

    Aim assist has been always in pc games, why crying now?

    It is simple, if you get SPANKED by a CONTROLLER PLAYER while you play with K&M That means you SUCK

  3. If people are outgunning you with a controller then that means they are good with a controller, not just anyone can beat pic players with a controller and if you are being beaten by a controller then that means they are more skilled at a controller then you are a keyboard and mouse. Aim assist does help but a good pic player will DESTROY controller players, I myself have found success using both during the beta and know that it IS indeed balanced, just go with what you are better with and you will find success regardless of who you play against (unless you are bad in general)

  4. Instead of Aim Assist can we call it Anti Acceleration? Because thats what it is. People act like its an aim bot.

  5. As someone who is physically disabled using the mouse and keyboard is impossible for me. Having aim assist on the controller allows me to play the PC version and be somewhat effective.

  6. I've dedicated hours and hours in this BETA both using Controller and PC and Ran Out of Medals multiple times with both. Here's the unbiased opinion.

    Use what you want, this game isn't an Esports game. If you enjoy controller, plug and go, if your MnK, do work homie.

    I did however play differently on Controller as I did on PC. On PC I felt more like utilizing angles more and flanking. The greater accuracy and ability to just flick my mouse and 180 myself out of sudden bad situations made MnK superior here.
    When I played Controller, I was more aggressively wanting to be in the raw fight instead of getting angles. Shots seemed a lot more consistent at hitting the target as well and it's a lot simpler to utilize your classes abilities on Controller while Mid fight. Seems like PC guys would always just go for Gunskill and that is NOT how you play Destiny after being a Veteran of the first one. Better use of abilities provide a lot of opportunities to win gun fights.

    Basically, Use what you want and have fun 🙂 It's a great game!

  7. My only concern is the actual cheates, Overwatch's PC beta had this same problem where actual aimbots were using the built in AA system to more easily hide themselves. I don't personally see spoofing as cheating, I do frown on it, as in many cases it uses the same programs that some controllers need to also function on the PC, there isn't much difference between using hardware or software to tell your computer what XYZ input is / if it even is.

  8. playing d1 on ps4 was kinda frustrating because of aim assist, pvp didn't feel good when my shot went off my target. I see AA as a disadvatage lmao. Aiming on pc and ps4 on d2 felt good(even though when I play OW on PC I can't hit any shots feelsbadman). That being said I'll probably still play on ps4 because my friends are there.

  9. My problem with it is I consider myself slightly above average at both console and pc shooters. As that's what's ranked banknotes place me.

    I am way better at Destiny pvp with a controller than I am kb&m to the point where it feels broken. I was getting <1 in kd ratio on kb&m. My first game with a controller I got >5.

  10. Yeah I totally agree since it's alot easier to be decent at aiming with a controller, but to be top notch, there is no way anyone without a mouse and keyboard can do it.

  11. I don't disagree with it having aim assist for controllers on PC, but I think it is too strong. And that goes for both the PC and console versions.

  12. I have a few questions, do you only like this game because you play it on PC and the FPS is better, or do you actually enjoy it, because you haven't talked much about the story mode. Also, are you planning on getting the game on a console as well? Personally the FPS doesn't matter all that much to me, I think the game looks nice on anything but It does look a bit better on PC. Anyway, really excited for the game Console or PC

  13. In the beta 'the devil you know' hand cannon is a three shot kill. However it is inaccurate, i played with controller and found i had todo less work to get very easy kills paired with 10 endurance you cant be stopped. More than one occasion went on a 15+ killstreak.

  14. Did you basically just say get good you fuckin cunt? lol
    How are you so fuckin thick you can't see what the real problem is?

    It's when Keyboard and mouse users use 3rd party software to spoof the game into thinking you are using a controller, this gives aim assist to M&K, that will make average to bad players play like gods and is basically cheating. But good job on missing the point entirely.

  15. Well said. I don't think itd be bad if it was ever so slightly toned down but it doesn't bother me that much. (FYI I played the PC beta with a controller, and I thought the game felt so good that I would be prepared to learn mouse and keyboard if I get it for PC when it comes out I only used a controller for this beta because I'm useless with MKB and wanted to be able to compete)

  16. It's unfair though, if a controller user that is below average is outgunning someone that is average on mouse and keyboard, that's a problem, imo they should just bring the amount of aim assist on par with the console version, then the skill curve is even.

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