Is Killing Floor 2 Vs Mode “Broken”


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  1. The crawler can soften up people THAT SOMEHOW GET 1000 HEALTH CAUSE THEY WASTED THEIR LIFE ON THE GA- beep It can soften up bigger levels if you get them trapped in a corner or such.

  2. what about PVE with a team of Zeds? or a story mode being told from the pov of a group of zeds controlled by the players. it would put to more use to their gameplay mechanics, specially for the people who still prefer the old pve over pvp. I think it'd be interesting and would compensate on how troublesome vs mode it's been.

  3. I hate lvl 25 players coming into Hard games thinking they're the shit. Go play HoE or at least Suicidal and let us have some fun.

  4. Great video. This basically sums up my thoughts on the game mode as a whole. It's fun, but the zed team definitely requires some tweaking. Also like you said, people need to stop being so salty in versus compared to normal multiplayer co-op. I always see multiple people complaining or shit talking others every time I play. Co-op is usually a lot more chill. I think a lot less frustration would be had if certain zeds weren't near useless without completely perfect teamwork. (and if level 25 zerker didn't totally break the game mode in general lol).

    I think you also had a great point about certain perks having an advantage over others. I've noticed that the hit detection does not make very much sense compared to normal AI controlled zeds. This is a huge problem in a game that requires you to be pretty accurate with where you shoot a zed for maximum damage output. Fighting something that's warping all over you screen as a gunslinger or commando = not fun. It's almost like there's no reason to even have a team that isn't all zerkers and a medic. They totally crush the game mode compared to other perks. The balance is seriously all over the place and I hope this issue is worked out soon.

    The only part I enjoy atm is when you get to be the boss at the end. It feels like the only part where the zed team has a fair chance to actually win the match. Up until then it's basically like the zed team just takes it up the butt by the human side until the boss becomes the deciding factor whether the humans or the zeds win. It really makes the rest of the waves feel so pointless in comparison.

  5. I would love to see a colab between KF2 and CS:GO to be honnest, maybe they can do what they did with the Pyros in KF1 only a little more advanced. Add like a Terrorist with Terrorist voice lines and do the same with the Counter Terrorist. It'd be interesting to hear those voice actors from CSGO in KF2, not only that but the characters from CSGO look bad ass.

  6. This could also be used as to a reason as to why PAYDAY does not need or will ever get a versus mode.

  7. Good analysis man. I think it's kinda funny that we both said pretty much the same thing, but came to kinda different conclusions. I dunno if versus is gonna be the silver bullet that saves this game but hey, what do I know.
    I would love to see a colab between the Fallout team and either the Metro 2033 team or even better the STALKER team. Or just another obsidian fallout game that would be nice yes it would.

  8. Every word you said is what i would have said so i guess there will be no discussion here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. the little versus experience I've had honestly was just pure silliness especially with friends on the opposing team, much like left 4 dead versus and such, they've got a decent idea and I hope it gets better. although I'm in the same boat as you with the whole, I pretty much just play solo.

  10. I would love a collab between KF2 and Payday 2. Like for example an Halloween Event where you fight against Zeds in a heist in payday on a map from KF2 and maybe a few weapons like the medic pistol (which don't even need to heal, just because it looks sexy). There could be a new Zed-themed safe aswell…
    In Killing Floor maybe a playable PAYDAY 2 map and heister or maybe a Cloaker or something as new characters. Maybe a few weapons… :3

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