1. the GTX 970 is such a fucking joke. I regret ever buying this card and not returning it the soonest I could. 4Gb my ass…

  2. Well for me, who's PC rigs graphical performance is heavily based on SLI support this game runs horribly. I have GTX 780Ti SLI, i7-3770K and 16gb of ram and keeping the frame stable has proven impossible. But it's obvious that issue is in optimization since I actually can achieve 60 FPS in 1080p with med/high settings but the fps stutters are almost as frequent as the time stutters in game's story :DD

    The reason why it's clearly an issue with optimization is because even though I would scale all the settings to lowest possible and even lower the resolution the stutters still occur. It runs mainly for 60fps but then every once and a while it stutters with 40-50 frames. This issue also occurs when the 30 cap is enabled rendering the game unplayable with the frames stuttering below 20.

    It's really unfortunate that the game is such a broken mess on PC as the game honestly is really good gameplay- and story wise. And on Ultra it also looks astonishing. Unfortunately as long as the game lacks SLI support, with my rig, I can never achieve such graphical fidelity while maintaining the game playable. But I hope they optimize it so that I can actually even achieve 60fps with one of my 780Ti's :/

  3. Considering the whole point of DX12 is to give devs more control over resources, I think the crashing problem on Nvidia cards are most likely dev-side problems, otherwise, we'd see problems with all DX12 games on Nvidia, but, we don't.  Every other game works fine on Nvidia cards except this one.  That's highly suspect.  That's fine though, because in the forums we don't even talk about this crap port anymore and that's the way we're going to leave it…literally.

  4. A huge 27 GB patch, which is larger than plenty of full complete games, and the game still has issues. For goodness sake.

  5. They can't even fix the bloody purchasing bug (Win 10 upgraders from 7, they won't allow you to purchase the game) on their own stupid store.

  6. Weird: I never had a crash on GTX 970, BUT I always had that stuttering glich on props like Jack's earpiece. drove me nuts! (All pre-patch)

  7. 60$ for this terrible console-ass-port, which BEST OF THE BEST GPUs cannot handle properly at ordinary 1080p (not even 4k)?! You gotta be kidding us…

  8. I see that all of us on Nvidia 900 series are fucked. We'll have to buy their 1000 series if we want playable gameplay. Nvidia cards simply don't age well.

  9. I have this game cracked and its graphics is sooooooo bad i can't stand seeing this bad graphics on my computer. Does this patch can make it's graphics more better or it will be the same bad????

  10. This is why Microsoft don't know anything about the word "exclusive". If this game just to stay on the console, no one would be complaining about it on PC right now. Everything that could have been Quantum Break comes down in a game with weak gameplay and a well-told story only. Microsoft should take the word "exclusive" with more seriousness to Xbox games. This is why Uncharted 4 is a masterpiece for PS4 and Quantum Break is, well, just another game for Xbox platform.

  11. What do you do when your pc screen native resolution is 2560×1440? I guess you are fucked then! This game runs like shit and I recommend ppl to not support it. And , oh yeah, I almoust forgot. Fuck Xbox Live and fuck Microsoft shitty pc port games!

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