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  1. after download chrome said "this file is dangeros, so chrome has blocked it! what will i do?

  2. is not working, i did it like you but it doesn´t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! still appearing version trial!! help

  3. it's still trial ver. can you help me?? Please reply my comment! From Vietnam with Win 10 64bit

  4. i tried to export music from my iPod, and it asked me about product key so the crack doesn't work, even if i did everything you showed

  5. Fantastic! It works once. Appreciate for it.
    but from restarted, it doesnt.
    i reinstalled this over then 5 times.
    Can you help me?

  6. Every thıng worked for me only the map thıng vırtual locatıon dıdnt work ıts not openıng pls help wıth that

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