1. Dude I will seriously pay you to finish this collection of hacks!  The aimbot one is especially interesting.  Creating a LAN aimbot server would be hilarious or just rekking bots would be nice too.  I don't care if the game is dead, Battlefront forever!  I myself don't know much code at all but I will definitely compensate you for your time at any reasonable rate you choose. :)

  2. Why did zone alarm pick up 17 trojan keyloggers -_- and can you please tell me how to use this with game ranger? the prob is you have to lauch the game thru the hack gui right? well if the game is already up then you can't join a game ranger server, plz help

  3. If i klick Custom directory i can go to the folder but there is no BattlefrontII.exe but it is the right path! can i add it manually somewhere in the Hack source folders?

  4. Cosmos how to you run the file it says Connor execute and i think it's because I am running the file with DOS but how do you change it

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