Jax Champion Spotlight

Jax Champion Spotlight

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  1. Yes, they all do, although Riot will never tell you. So don’t go around screaming about this.

  2. But its not like they reworked him or anything, they may have changed a few things about him but he is still viable and good.

  3. Some skin like Kha’Zix skin help you to see enemies better in range so its not like there is no use of it at all

  4. Everyone is stupid… Skins have no other purpose than changing the visual and audio effects of gameplay… Skins in no way enhance your in-game performance..

  5. This is NOT the “Old Jax”. Old Jax was jax who had natural dodge and could stun with “E”whenever he dodged an attack. (ofc with little cd). I bet you have never played the True Old Jax.

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  8. They won’t read this here and they do that anyways. They won’t make them too cheap because well. Then everyone would buy them and seeing as skins are permanent they would have to produce more skins which would result in rushed nasty recolor skins like in the early days.

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  10. Everyone is lying to you man. Skins make your champion have bonus effects. In the case of angler Jax, your jump strike ability gains a slightly increased ranged and a slight slow.

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