Jessica’s Costumes – Dragon Quest 8


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  1. is it censored on the ios and android release? if it is then we can probably assume the 3ds will be censored here as well

  2. Her sexy ass in the Magic Bikini was my favorite by far. But she would look so much sexier if her hair was down or at least up in spmething but those damn pigtails! That's only complaint…makes up for it with breast physics though heh heh.

  3. Best 3D-Cel Art breasts to date. I used the Boner Outfit and The Swimsuit when I played. The game was too easy to force you to use the better armor.

  4. For those who don't know, those babies belong to someone who's supposed to be only 17.
    Just another day in Japan.

  5. She's pretty. And she does have some style. I like the shoes she wears with that bunny outfit.

  6. Somewhere there's a game designer who's resume has a note * lead designer/programmer of breast jiggle for character "Jessica" in Dragon Quest 8

  7. Thanks for the fashion show. I hope they release this game for PSN, it would be my first Dragon Quest game.

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