Jimmee’s Top 10 Team Fortress 2 Hats!

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  1. I have a guestion fot all the commentators here, what is ur favourite all class hat, mine is the point and shoot.

  2. If I may add my list
    10. Familiar Fez (I know why it's infamous but I like it as a hat)
    9. Anger
    8. Vintage Tyrolean
    7. Safe n' Sound
    6. Chicken Kiev
    5. Reggaelator (Though the hat of undeniable wealth and respect goes really well with him)
    4. Flamboyant Flamenco
    3. Tyrant's Helm
    2. Hot Dogger
    1. Captain Cardbeard Cutthroat.

  3. Goddamit. I had a samur-eye on my old account but I crafted it using an achievement item so it's not tradable. So not only can I not use it, but I also can't trade it.

  4. When you use Nujabes' music in the video and you dont credit him/ link to the song

    Way to respect the dead

  5. My favorite hats are bolt boy team captain brigade helm samur eye football helmet danger Berliners bucket helm anger fancy fedora and chill chullo

  6. my fav hat is full metal drill hat. why? lemme tell you.
    1.its my first unusal
    2.i love the effect
    3.the hat is awsum

  7. befor I watched:K I havent watched the video yet But im geusing number one is the gibus
    after I watched: Darn I was wrng

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