[July 2013]Rust Key Generator [Mediafire Download][NO SURVEY]

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[July 2013]Rust Key Generator [Mediafire Download][NO SURVEY]was extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15724


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  1. great video i really enjoyed this! I got the generator and redeemed the key
    on playrust, now have a account on the beta thank alot!

  2. I redeemed the key, though I have a little problem, I forgot my login
    username… how do you suggest fixing this issue thanks for generator thogh.

  3. Yea the owner said there were some issue a few minutes ago. I sent you one
    key. Now thats the last of the keys I’m personally giving away. I only have
    a few left which are for some buddy’s who are currently at a Church Camp.

  4. thanks for the beta, I have posted about you on the playrust forum
    hopefully you get more traffic! Great thing you are doing for the community

  5. very good method, I actually just got the rust beta key from the generator,
    but where do i redeem it sorry my english isn’t very good

  6. thanks for this video, i actually just got the key of the generator and
    redeemed it on the website! thank you so much

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