KH – RE: Coded [ROM-ITA] (No Fake)


FileSize: 26 MB

Free kingdomheartsrecodedcrackedrom is ready for download

KH – RE: Coded [ROM-ITA] (No Fake)was extracted from


FileSize: 30 MB

Free kingdomheartsrecodedcrackedrom is ready for download

kingdom hearts re coded no$ gba problem solutionwas extracted from


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  1. @GiiiiXXX Ho tolto il link perchè qualche lamer ha usato la ROM del video per continuare a tradurre il resto senza avermi dato i crediti (sono stato il primissimo a fare una patch del genere, se non ci credi vedi la data di uscita di RE:Coded e la data di pubblicazione di questo video!). Il ladro ha già tradotto il gioco in Italiano, con un pò di ricerche trovi la patch. Poi tra poco uscirà il gioco in europa, ti consiglio di aspettare

  2. @xjcandmFX i know what a bug is… you… now i know who is the bigger moron, oh btw, nice trolling

  3. @ xjcandmFX and btw, your channel does look alot like a troll channel due to all the hateful comments you have on there. Just saying, not assuming…

  4. @ xjcandmFX yea, but you didnt need to namecall for absolutely no reason. That's why I called ya a troll, because only trolls insults for no reason. I was just asking the user politely, I had an idea that it COULD be a BUG, as you like calling it, but I wanted to make sure. The internet is not always for being rude to people you know. Learn some manners.

  5. @Xtrasupershadowgirl I'm not a troll. I use youtube for publicity and getting my name out there, look at my channel before you assume im a a troll.
    I called you a moron because the answer to your question is a bug.

  6. @ xjcandmFX uggh, whats with the namecalling? -_- why try to be an ass for no reason? Troublemaking troll…

  7. @Tokopimv yea probably. And LOL at your pun XD I can't wait to get Recoded for my DS. Do you know when it's coming out exactly? But I'm not too sure…

  8. @megadiabrous It's KH coded (the KH cellphone game) but for the DS. For the DS they added the 'Re:' in front of coded just like they did with chain of memories when they remade it for the PS2. So actually, it's KH Re:coded

  9. @N00Bie92 Yes, I'm working on 😀 you can ask this also to TruthKey, another guy that is working on this game

  10. im trying to play this but the game is really buggy (takes like a few minutes for someone to say one sentence) , on the opening credits it goes like a few frames per second and the sound is awful.
    what setting do i need it on? i get the sound working but then it goes who static like again.

  11. I did what this video told me, now every NDS game i try to open gives me an error.

    It seems to be because i haven't a BIOS, how can i get one?

  12. @TheRealYamiRakurai if still not working have some patch
    if still not close no$gba try opening another game but with this saved set up.
    if still not reset your comp.
    if still not ur comp doesn't meet the requirements for this game.
    i hope u enjoy the game.

  13. I save setup, reset catridge, and it says rom image has crashed. I open it back up, do nothing, and it STILL crashes.

  14. @definatelyinluv go to options>NO$GBA setting> set multiboot/burstdelays to medium/medium (stable). if still running fast set to slow, just choose from those options to the best suites you

  15. @xXxdestinefighterxXx pls. download the latest emulator of no$gba. have a clean rom and be sure to save the set up before you reset it.

  16. can you help me as quick as possible when ever i load the kingdom heart wif the no$zoomer or no$gba it just stays in a light blue screen ? is something wrong and when i change into ur set up i reset it it keeps on saying rom has crashed :O

  17. can you help me as quick as possible when ever i load the kingdom heart wif the no$zoomer or no$gba it just stays in a light blue screen ? is something wrong

  18. @SenovaThunderclaw try to download a clean rom
    be sure to have the latest no$gbaand copy my settings. not all games are being supported
    i wish im of any help

  19. @Vyrezz doen't really matter .any will work….
    the kh re coded in full english has been release..

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