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  1. how can i disable all enemys and let only clot spawn in the entire game? and how can i increase the spawn rate so i can get like 100 enemys in rond 5/10

  2. Hello, please help me, i have that error if a use some cheats commands: 'Command not recognized'?

  3. SpawnAI Patriarch works aswell

    don't spawn him while looking down it seems to crash the game for some odd reason or maybe that's just me

  4. If i open the consol with F3 and tip "God" i die with one hit. So im only the God at dieing if i do godmode on

  5. just copy pasted the entire guide from Dasb and did not give any credit in the description at all or a link to the guide on steam. What's disappointing is that you said "I'll type it all out in the description" when you just copy pasted it all. Please don't take somebodies work and put it up as yours.

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