Killing Floor 2 – Fast level Perk Survivalist (v1050)


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  1. Game starts lagging for like 1.5 seconds and stops working. I did what you just did correctly.

  2. when I wana buy a weapon it doesn't give me a selection or if I do manage to buy a weapon it just gives me a shovel

  3. hey dude,HUGE THANKS for ur video,but the game recently patched,so will u made a new way to level up?

  4. good job. and still working.
     I for one, play many different games, and don't have time to lvl one game like this over and over, I used it to lvl my favorite 2 characters so that I can keep up with my buddies that only play this game. and spend my free time, I got out of this, doing things around the house and enjoying my many other games. I have 190 hours on killing floor 2, and only maxed out medic, and had all others at, at least lvl10….   I am done with the grind, and this made that possible.    as for my fellow other cheaters, if your just going from scratch and lvl everyone and not grind to learn the maps and zed movement, then you ruin the game for yourself and the public rooms you play in.   happy gaming all.    AND THANKS LIGALA keep up the good work

  5. Наглядный пример как делать не надо, из за таких вот дебилов новечки прокачиваются и идут играть в тиму с прокаченными перками, но нубовскими навыками в этой игре. Ну а потом куча слитых тим, матов и банов на серверах.

  6. часика 2-3 семкогрызения и вот уже все навыки 25

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