Killing Floor 2: Gunslinger Update Thoughts


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  1. Yeah, i think i know what your missing, something about an economy for KF2, but, i just can't put my finger on top of it.

  2. I got sick of Black Forest really quick sadly, adding more buildings in about it would improve it for me

  3. Is it me or do I feel like revolver ocelot from Metal Gear Solid when I use the gunslinger class

  4. Black forest really felt unfinished. The zed navigation is really wonky, there are times where I line up a headshot on a zed coming at me and then he just randomly turns one-hundred degrees to the left, moves forward, stays still for a moment, realizes that It'd be faster to go the way he was going, and turns back around as i sit there dumbfounded.

  5. Good video as always and I definitely agree with all the points about gunslinger. ps great and really funny ending

  6. 2:24 my OCD really kicks in whenever he checks the magazine on the guns because he only ever checks the right one and never the left. also most of the reason people were complaining about the flashlights being on the chest of the characters was because "they get rid of the reason of having light perks" and as my friend put it "that's the reason there doing this, is because nobody liked those perks" also the correct term for a full "magazine" in a revolver is a cylinder. I say a lot of things sometimes. and also I think I know what you forgot and I have already shown you what I got ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I know you were joking btw but still I feel like I'm typing way way way to much in this comment.

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