Killing Floor 2 – How To Use Steam Workshop Weapon Skins!


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  1. thanks man. working super perfect for me.install in my game at document (normal install) doesn't work forme.Thanks again for solution!.

  2. If we do accidentally mess up a skin. (The crovel in my case) is there a way to get back the original files if you didn't save them.

  3. What is a good site to browse for custom skins. There aren't many of those downloadable ones.

  4. i tried installing a couple of weapon textures but no matter how much i try i can't get them to show up in game. can someone please help me?

  5. And what if I want a new skin or remove my current skin for example the 9mm. Do I just delete the most recent .upk file? Or do I need to do something else?

  6. So the in-game weapon skins are no longer a thing? Or are the workshop skins limited to certain server types?

  7. Hey I enjoy the vids keep them coming. I wanted to ask. What video programs do you use for making videos and editing? The intro triped me out ahaa. Thanks Cheers from Canada, Ontario, Thunder Bay. 🙂

  8. for myself, i tried a few maps, but nothing happens. Nothings pops up, nothing gets downloaded and the maps wont appear anywhere, even after a restart :/

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