Killing Floor 2 – Level 25 Gunslinger Gameplay (PATRIARCH & NEW MAP!)


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Killing Floor 2 – Level 25 Gunslinger Gameplay (PATRIARCH & NEW MAP!)was extracted from


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  1. Hard difficulty on solo is too easy man. I'm not trying to brag but I could easily do this with a level 0 perk.

  2. A little help here. My gunslinger perk is almost lv 20. But whenever I play co-op on hard, those flesh pound are so persistent if no one raged it. Any tips would be appreciated.

  3. kf1 patriarch is way harder that kf2…yeah,some say suicidal and hoe patriarch in kf2 can insta-kill(playing on normal and hard servers to reach at least 5lvl on all perks to tackle harder) you but in kf1 NORMAL he can insta-kill aswell.Hans is way harder boss then this "new" and "improved" patriarch

  4. What's the special use for the gunslinger? Firebug can destroy weak zeds, demolitions destroys large zeds, berserker can soak up damage, but what does gunslinger do? It's an awesome class, I just want to know what it's used for.

  5. Lol @ the butthurt people complaining it wasn't hard enough, they could do better! You're not even playing HoE 6 faked player knife only 1 and a half hour kiting.

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