Killing Floor 2 Leveling Mod (Works with SWAT update!)


FileSize: 25 MB

Free killingfloor2exphack is ready for download

Killing Floor 2 Leveling Mod (Works with SWAT update!)was extracted from


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  1. Any reports of people being banned for this? Seems to be in the domain of cheating, but if done on solo mode I imagine this would be near impossible to detect. Still seems risky though.

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to make this. I was pretty much done with the level grind after my second level 25. Works perfectly.

  3. Updated the mod to fix the OP katana not showing up in the shop and firebug Bullpup not counting as a firebug weapon

  4. The leveling mod is updated now. Works the same way. Just tested myself on survivalist (still didn't level it cause i was too lazy).

  5. Could you pls help and tell me the reason why i just got a shovel but not the weapons you listed ? i wanna leveling up my sharpshooter

  6. Someone else that Problem that every Weapon you buy from the Trader becomes a Crovel while using this mod?

  7. it worked only for swat, now that i try every other class it level up just fine but when i die or change map the class's level resets back to 0. I did mess around with stuff as achievement picker but already reinstalled the game, any one having the same issue or have fixed already?

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