Killing Floor 2 – Max Perk / Rank Hack Tutorial


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  1. Works for 1 solo game, but when you go back to main menu, you're back to your old level and you're unable to join public servers afterwards. "Connection lost" all the time. This is bullshit

  2. i try the level hex one and still work. Got all my class to lvl24 so i can just grind to level 25. (12/25/16)

  3. Just tested it today and I can confirm that it works but the only problem is when I use the level 25 cheat I can only go up to level 24 before I actually have to gain exp

  4. im having issue with it when i click health or set lvl it doesnt expand i can only mark infinite ammo

  5. After applying this method to all perks, all of them are raised to level 24. After that, the experience bar is filled up, then starts again with 0 and repeats, and I can not figure out how to solve this problem.
    The experience gained from regular play instead of this method is applied on the server, in the game or in the game.
    But if you do it by video method, repeat the above problem,
    I hope you have an answer.
    I apologize that English is not smooth.This is a comment on December 5, 2016.

  6. Ever since the full game officially released, this hack has stopped working. Any alternate suggestions?

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