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  1. The gunplay of this title feels anaemic to me, the weapon sounds are extremely weak, I love guns to nearly destroy my eardrums, this doesn't even tickle them.

  2. I understand why people were bitching about the micro transactions during the EA phase but bitching about them now isn't gonna have them suddenly vanish. Though personally I would prefer to just get items in drops rather then having to buy a key for a box but how else is TWI meant to make money to make more content and expansions? Start selling Horzine branded lemonade?

  3. Really enjoyed the review. Gave me a very clear picture on what to expect, if I should pick up the game.

  4. Git gut scrub ^^.

    Also, on harder difficulties the lower type zombies movement and attacks change.

    Played KF1 a LOT and tried 2 in EA, felt it was fucking shit and left it on till last week. Fuck they improved a lot. I'm really enjoying this game again.

    And for the long leveling, if you really want there are custom 'level' maps that allow you to level up your perk pretty quickly.

  5. I love the flesh pound, it's the scariest and funniest part of the game.
    We are often spread out but when we hear that roar then we go into panic mode.
    I keep hoping it doesn't find me and suddenly it's right in my face around the corner and I start running like hell towards my allies screaming FLESH POUND!
    And they proceed in screaming the same thing and we all start running away cause we don't know if we can take it out or not and then engage in flailing everything we got in a desperate attempt to stop the damn thing. And then another appears and we go into insanity of panic

  6. You say that we should git gud at the game, but should we also go back to COD?

    Love your work, Ggg.

  7. It looks like a fun game, but I can't play it since I have Xbox.I feel like I say that alot since I bought my Xbox lol

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