Killing Floor 2 Perk Hack to level 25 using Cheat Engine 2015


FileSize: 30 MB

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  1. I hate cheaters.I saw players who had 25 on all perks and playtime is 28 hrs.What a joke.People who cheat in this game are the worst players I saw cuz they just can't play and then cheat.I saw 25 levels and they kill 50 zeds in 5 wave.

  2. Your link for game files is broken…and for all those who try on steam it's useless because your levels are stored in your steam account, not in any files, you could go to another computer with your steam account and you'd still have your levels and perks, so you will just win eventually a permanent ban and steam key for the game delete for real.

  3. Maybe if you'd actually pay for the game, it wouldn't lag so bad…. Funny thing is 1.) You're a thief. 2.) You're a hacker.. You do realize people had to spend their time making this game right? And you're stealing their rightful payment for their art/works… Fucking disgusting if you ask me. Then you have the balls to put a video like this up misinforming other small minded people, who don't know any better that this will most likely get you banned if you legally bought the game. Which I am sure anyone else who watches this crap would be a pirate too. I still don't get how suddenly stealing is ok with it's over the internet, but you'd never steal your groceries and clothes from Walmart.

  4. This games challenge is not based on a perk system, regardless of who has a level 25 perk, the game itself is still a challenge, so i suggest thinking about it.

    Those who cheat their way to level 25 are still going to be as bad as they were before. 

    I played the game for a good 60 hours before making my hacking tutorial. :3

  5. I wonder if you can get banned anywhere else for using cheat engine? I left it running during multiplayer and another VAC game by accident. =/

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