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  1. microsoft should support developers like tripwire on funding or human resource to get more good games like this on the xbox one. xbox one really lacking in good games for many genre.

  2. favorite zombie shooter ever is kf1. kf2 is just as fun and the modded servers keep things fresh on Pc.

  3. I remember when me and my buds would play on the moonbase and buy trenchguns. We'd jump, shoot, and fly across rooms. I hope that still is he case in 2

  4. Just a heads up everyone. This game has as much content as this 3.00 review.

    I don't know if I'am missing something but I've played it for around 20 hours and I've came across 5 different enemy types, 2 bosses, 15-20 guns and a few maps. Also you can choose a zombie vs mode where you control the zombies which is ok but major unbalanced.

    I'd actually say you'd get more content buying something like black ops 3 with all the zombie modes DLC.

    10 waves, kill all the enemies and fight 1 of 2 bosses at end. That's it, change map. You also pick the same guns 99% of the time. Not a 8 out of 10 game and definitely not a full price game.

    Just give us left for dead 3, proper zombie horde game with a bit of a story and objective.

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