Killing Floor 2 The Swat Perk Is Great…Maybe A Bit Too Great


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  1. That Bikini Bottom map….the graphics look like Borderlands 2 don't they?

    Could you imagine KF2 with Borderlands 2 art style? That would be badass

  2. if you don't wanna feel weaker with sharpshooter then be a fucking sharpshooter lol get good scrub

  3. I reckon its somewhat fair. Considering skills and diffculty(cuz HoE exists). Its like a berserker in KF1 cuz the no-grab perk are the same. Also, i've read comments below and are somewhat hoping that tripwire would add lmg. Might be fun going guns blazing, but i think it would make the game less entertaining. At least thats my opinion, don't really like lmgs. The good'ol weapons from KF1 are much more fun and i hope that tgey make a comeback. Flare pistols fans anyone?

  4. Hey dude im fucking subbing just cause you make your speech impediment your bitch (Dont know if its braces but fuck it) SUBBERINO INCOMING

  5. This perk is so uninspired, at least give them LMGs and a riot shield or a tazer or something, jesus christ.

  6. The tactical movement is hilarious though. Makes you harder to hit in general as most enemies swing at chest level, you can avoid harder hits and you're literally like crouching at sprint speed almost because of how heavy your weapons are. I've crouched faster than people sprint. Your movement and ability to escape any situation faster than everyone and being harder to hit in general makes it a very good alternate option actually.

  7. This perk instantly loses to Hans Volter, mostly because you can't outrun him, and once your armor is gone, you are nothing. To make matters worse, medics can't give you armor anymore to compensate for this.

  8. great video, you obviously are an experienced player with very interesting observations on the game mechanics. I'd love to watch more videos of yours in the future :)

  9. I think the SWAT is too powerful because it can carry 3 weapons with fast reloading and almost no recoil (for comparism commando can carry 2 weapons and has recoil). Besides I liked the way they did the perks in KF1, because there were 7 perks that can almost fit for standard game of 6 players, so I would suggest to unite the SWAT with medic like KF1. but at list it is a nice perk unlike the sharpshooter (again, in KF1 it was perfect and was united with gunslinger)

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