Killing Floor 2 — Zedconomy Unboxing!


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  1. I dont care what he says about this game I love it but he can waste all of his money on unboxing I dont care its not my money

  2. I'm glad they added this. N00bs feel 1337 buying useless cosmetic shit and get I get new maps and play modes. Love it.

  3. Why did you even do this unboxing if you don't even enjoy this game. I think all the stuff you pulled was cool, and would love to have them for my characters.

  4. I don't really see what the big fuss is over micro-transactions. With PD2 sure I can understand that as it was said that they would never be in there and they were actually better then your standard guns but with KF2 it's all cosmetic and can be completely ignored.

    Now if they start focusing more on micro-transactions then that maybe a problem but from what I see all the items are made for and voted on by the community so the community is doing the most of the work when it comes to micro-transactions. All Tripwire has to do is press a button and BING that item is in the game.

    So if you should be mad at anyone it should be the KF2 workshop community for adding to the KF2 stores.

  5. pro tip buy them off the community market place usbs and keys for them are dirt cheep cheapest I've seen are cyber bone which the cases and keys are 3 cents eatch

  6. You wasted your time and money. Time making this video bc you clearly didn't enjoy it and your money because you don't play this game. Thats a lose lose.

  7. The first killing floor had micro-transactions too. It is a bit silly adding it while it's still early access though

  8. This guy kind of sounds like an asshole. Don't even play game, make unboxing video of game; criticize the game itself because you don't personally like the unboxing system. If you're going to support the company at least play the game, it's an amazing game.

  9. I looked at the prices of the stuff you got, Many of them were actually more than 3 bucks 😀 So you technically didn't lose that much money 😮

  10. Is micro transactions REALLY that bad?! just because OVERKILL fucked it up, doesn't mean Tripwire did.. OVERKILL added STATS for god's sake!

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