Killing Floor: Instant Heal Tutorial


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  1. Its whatever button you bind it to yourself. When you type in the command you get to choose the key that you will use for it.

  2. Yes but can you tell me what button do i press to heal myself i don't even kno how please help me 🙁

  3. Yes it does i use it all the time, its shown in my other videos. U just gotta get the tap right. 3 taps. it goes tap wait half a second double tap I think i forgot to mention that or soemthing

  4. Typically they are usually labeled MOUSE4 and MOUSE5. A way to check is to go into teh controls pick something u can assign and just click on one and click the button on the mouse. It'll tell ya mouse4 or mouse 5 depending on which one is picked.

  5. I have a special gaming mouse with buttons on the sides but I don't know what they're called.

  6. Hey man i'm just here to help. I hope to provide a different view of KF and the HoE community with my videos 😀 Serenity does good very good indeed lol and i need soemthing…….different 😉

  7. Thanks for the video, I changed the key bind and it got rid of the command, so this video helped out.

  8. @Windows20005 Yes, however i noticed his cahnnel got aken down. Idk if its for personal reasons or anything but i found this useful and i thought i'd reupload it since he found it out from someone else too. 😉 spread it man!

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