Killing Floor Mapping Tutorial Essentials #2 – How to Make a Working Map


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  1. One thing i got from this is that the zeds are dumb af 😀
    Needing a map for a staircase right next to them lol

  2. Hello. I'm having a problem with the Killing Floor SDK. I've taken a few weeks off after finishing most of the "underground" level, and for some reason when I'm subtracting, the cylinders are coming out perpendicular to what I position my "empty cursor." What should I do?

  3. I tried out the level editor a few years back, but didn't really make anything then. I recently got interested in it again. Thanks for the videos. 🙂

  4. Hey boy, I got a simple question: Is there a way to move the Camera of the "Dynamic Light"-View by using the WASD keys? Having to use the mouse sux, I'm used to the Valve Hammer Editor style 🙁 !

  5. NICE 1,keep up the great work,ive also had a peak at some of your music:) some good stuff there.i managed to work it out,btw I noticed u in the twi forums,hope your mut gets whitelisted,:)i too have 1 on the submission on behalf of a friend , same name here wat the twi form is

  6. How do you upload to Steam Workshop? Every time I click upload, it crashes and says 'General Protection Fault.' I already tried verifying the tool cache Thanks

  7. hi grayve,ive watched all your tuts on the map thing ,u make it so easy great work for for wat u show,my question is ,say I have a dark map(night time),i want to make it daylight,i haven't a clue on it lol im a total novice can u show how to do it or msg me on hhow to thanks

  8. Great video man. Very in-depth, yet intuitive and simplistic instructions. I used to build a lot of maps, but it's been so long since I've used the level editor, that I forgot my way around. And you showed me some new things I hadn't known before! Thanks.

  9. Hey there! I see you're very familiar with the way this engine works. I've been working on my first map for about three days. I've come to a problem where I will place a sheet or some vines around my halls and doorways and I can't pass through them. How do I take away that physical entity?  

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