Kingdom Heart BBS [PSSPP Setting] on Mac


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  1. yo i got the real way download wine then download the windows version use wine then you got it

  2. This video old i was using an old version so the latest has sound and everything work perfectly 🙂

  3. Update PPSSPP and install an plugin for the sound directly from PPSSPP all sound will work 🙂

  4. no, and also you can update PPSSPP and install an plugin for the sound directly from PPSSPP all sound will work 🙂

  5. i'm sorry if this is a stupid question but is it possible to make a wineskin for sonic stage? They say sonic stage will make the bgm playable in game

  6. I cant press 3 buttons still for the shotlock command in tutorial (my ppsspp version is v0.8.1, ported over to mac) any help on that?

  7. Hey, so the emulator isn't letting me press three buttons at the same time, so it doesn't allow me to do a shotlock, which prevents my progression in the game. So I'm stumped, any help?

  8. Why does not the sound? The only sounds are the protagonist running, you never hear any voice or music.

  9. This port is old, please go check my channel which has a new tutorial with an updatable PPSSPP port 😐

  10. Sorry but.. The scene after your video (the one at the end of the video) doesn't start, and my screen is all black. How can i solve this problem? I have a Mac and i have also the same emulator with you settings.. Moreover, this is confirmed in the first two scenes of the game, where i have to skip.. PLEASE HELP ME!

  11. I already made an PCSX2 tutorial for kingdom heart and it still have a lot of graphic glitches so i will try to make a compatible PCSX2 emulator and try some other games i think i will make a website listing the compatibility of the PCSX2 games that work on the emulator for mac only.

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