Kingdom Heart [PCSX2+Settings] on Mac


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  1. I have a problem ^^ The subtitles of the characters disappear too early and sometimes the charcters overlap im talking ^^

  2. Ciao piacere simo!!! Scusatemi per il disturbo ma quando faccio partire pcsx2 non mi trova dentro i plugins perchè?? li devo scaricare?? dove posso trovare il link?? grazie mille buona giornata!!1 :)

  3. Hey the link for the build is dead I'm desperately trying to get this to work is there any way you could send me a copy of the build through google docs?

  4. Hello 
    have to download your version pcsx2 version April 1.1 the 2013 plays turns well but I cannot use my controlled? mark me nothing in currency diagnosis! I can use the keyboard just how to make To activate my pad km No it indicates anything on the plugin lilypad have is made an update of your emulator?
    desoler je parle francais mais  ai utiliser un translator merçi de votre reponse

  5. Pourquoi le pad ne fonctionne pas ont peux choisir que de configurer le clavier alors que sur d autre version mon pad fonctionne et le fichiers est le meme plugin LilyPad svn 0.11.0 (r5282) Setings

  6. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME!!! My Pcsx2 is great in kingdom hearts and I enjoy playing but when I go on the pause screen IT IS EXTREMLY LAGGY! Can someone help me?

  7. So I'm kinda dumb with wineskin. Do you plan on making another with a more updated pcsx2? like v1.2.1?

  8. It's not working ;( the window with the game stays white don't know what went wrong need help please :(

  9. iv been trying an older version of psx2 and its been a week or 2 now with trying to get it to work , and now iv finally got the games to work , but as soon as it gets into gameplay it gets laggy like super laggy, any ideas on whats going on anyone? I'm going to try this one now , but I'm starting on loose faith 🙁 

  10. Im having trouble with launching your build. it just bounces on my dock every time i try to run it. and when i do click it when its on the dock, the icon just disappears. im on 10.7.5 btw

  11. when i load game i her music but my screen turns gray and doesnt change.. please please please help!!!inbox or comment… i tried everything. i copied exactly as you said and still no display just gray screen and regular KH2 sounds

  12. I have already installed the application 7zX, but still I cannot extract it. My downloads are in B1FreeArchiver, i'm not so good in using Mac yet. Could some please help me? I need replies ASAP.        :D

  13. what causes the glitch? i'm not recording the game but it happens the same to me. should i close all of my other programs?

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