Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover FULL MOVIE (English) @ 1080p HD ✔


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Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover FULL MOVIE (English) @ 1080p HD ✔was extracted from


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Free kingdomheartshd2.8remixfreedownload is ready for download

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue | Opening Main Menu Title Concept & Dearly Belovedwas extracted from


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  1. This right here and that glorified demo 0.2 BBS are the reasons I'm happy Gamefly exists. Got my game in the mail, didn't enjoy 3D, beat 0.2 BBS in 2 hours and the movie was a disappointing mess of sequel bait with only 1 real fight scene and no answers to anything.
    $60? No, how about $15 and I can return it to get another game free of charge.

  2. So they found the traitor (the jealous bear who failed the 'test') and chose to do nothing but fight amongst each other, avoid communication and run in circles; A person who is evil doesn't see themselves as evil and never will. The master gave each of them a role not for them to fulfill but as back up plans just in case one failed because he knew they all would which is why he chose not to let Luxu hold the book of prophecies. Its similar to Macbeth where knowing the future is what allowed it to happen but the master did it to catch darkness before it spread. They caught the darkness in time but allowed it to live because they clung to light too strongly blinding them to what was necessary be guardians of balance and eventually spreading the darkness.

  3. So if the master of masters is gone, and Luxu is in the black coat….then who's the other guy?

  4. I'm glad I didn't pay money for this. There were literally no answers. It was all hype and no delivery, this was just an hour long version of the trailers with no extra plot added.

  5. fucking sqaure… are they even trying??? Who made the intro from 0:082:33??? Seriously. They just don't give a shit about anything anymore… It would have cost them fuck all to get someone to do something a little more creative and legible. But nope… I doubt that part was even proofed…

  6. I have an interesting thought about this. I think the master of masters didnt puppet foretellers at all and neither he was the traitor, at least not alone. The traitor wasnt one only, but all of them. Every foreteller eventually began to show darkness shades at the end, each one was slowly growing darkness within , because of the so known "bangle" (which is guilt in kingdom hearts unchained X) and since all of them used this kind of power (they even say this in the movie) , they eventually fall into dark, because we all know from previous games that "darkness grows within hearts, and starts to consume it" even those who never thought on givin up, eventually are overwhelmed by darkness. This is why Master of Masters and Luxu, even tho they're hearts were consumed too (its clearly that at this point, each character has used darkness power in his own,somehow) they wear the black coates, so this way were able to protect themselves and the only two who actually were not "fully traitors" but instead some kind of saviours. If it wasnt for them, the world after these events would have been only darkness, instead, MoM, thanks to Luxu's help, saw what was about to happen, and decided to send (through Ava) key blade weilders with pure hearts throughout the worlds, so they saved the dark/light balance from the "inevitable" war which could have brought to a different end if,again, it wasnt for them. So at the end, MoM and Luxu, even tho were probably the ones who used darkness the most, were not traitors or puppeters but actually saved the world from the inevitable keyblade war by saving fragment of lights and sending them far away. Guys the traitors were the foretellers after all because they used darknes power and thought of never being overwhelmed without some sort of protection (like the coats) and fell into darkside so the keyblade war started..this is the truth sadly 🙁 ..

  7. Wait so if luxu had the box at land of departures and did xehanort know about the box or did he destroy it with the island….

  8. "WHATS IN THE BOX?!!" haha…seriously though what's in it?…kudos for those who gets the reference

  9. you know whats weird this is the same dearly beloved as the real copy of Kingdom hearts HD 2.8 final chapter prologue. weird

  10. This is so beautiful!!!! ;-; am crying with happiness!!! ;-; the music and the art is so freaking beautiful!!!!! T^T ;-;

  11. Hey do you know that the aqua pic you made is not official and has been made by Skynism? I'm the actual lead developper so could you please mention us at least in the description? Thanks!

  12. does anybody else do this, whenever a new Kingdom Hearts game comes out, you listen to the music for atleast 10 minutes plus before pressing that start new game. So looking forward to Birth by Sleep episode with Aqua, and then Kingdom Hearts 3's Dearly Beloved plus Utada's new song. Guys Utada's new song! man it's gonna be amazing.

  13. if I was an employer at Square Enix I would surely hire u, freakin amazing and epic work bro, uv earned urself a subscriber, keep it up.

  14. if square enix actually uses this I wouldn't be surprised since it's so beautiful. good job man

  15. I don't know how you do it but your artistic skills and menu making abilities are on point. Keep up the good work!

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