Kingdom Hearts 2.8 REVIEW – Good Fan Service, But Not At Full Price


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  1. The music of Kingdom Hearts alone depressed me. Being like 9-10 years old playing Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2… I was an extremely depressed child 😭.

  2. If they're going to do KH3 on Xbox I think they should be making these remakes on Xbox as well. I grew up with KH on PS2 but now I have an Xbox and I'm going to get KH3 but I want to replay my favorite classics and some of the inbetween stuff I haven't played before.

  3. Gotta love how not a single damn reviewer talks of the unlockables of 0.2, that movie is actually a lot better than the previous movies and that DDD was updated to hell and back(especially gameplay). Like comeon…

  4. should i be playing the originals on the ps2 before i play 1.5 or 2.5 on ps4? i have an emulator but still have to idea how the sequence of these games go

  5. In KH2 Aerial Recovery was circle but Aerial Counter which is better and was obtained later, used Square.

  6. Dude i thought this was totally false advertising it was supposed to be the full birth by sleep game wtf i wasted my money soo pissed

  7. out of context but still cool, one Peter H with a vault boy avatar (probably Bethesda's Peter Hines…) was seen commenting on obsidian's new kick starter for pillars of eternity 2, say "1.8M baby! 😀 MOAR goals plz? :D" actually direct quote, what are the odds that Bethesda management ACTUALLY played pillars of eternity and were very pleased with it? could Bethesda – Obsidian relationships getting warm again?

  8. Hey matty just in case you have missed it there are rumours about New Vegas 2 which gets developed by Obsidian.The guy who spread it also confimed last of us 2 and red dead redemption 2 and he says that it will be presented at the E3 of 2017. HYPE

  9. I haven't played Kingdom hearts in so long. I never beat the first one (couldn't beat Ansem) and I played and beat the 2nd one, when it released and found it a vast improvement. Other than that I really haven't played any others

  10. Thanks for the heads up Matty! It is really sad the full price is so high. Hopefully this might mean Square Enix is just trying to make some extra money to fund KH3, and a release could be within the decade!

  11. Have to disagree with one point and thats how you put this down for a dollar to length ratio. I agree that the previous two compilations have had more 'bang for the buck' but given that DDD can take upwards of 25 hours and the new content has a ton of replayability thanks to the objective system I think that the 'critic' in you has clouded things somewhat.

  12. "Kingdom Hearts fan" bitch go back to fallout and if u call me not a fan well well let me tell u something i have played kingdom hearts fan since i was born and was the first game i had ever played.

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