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  1. I'm late af but, It really felt like from kh 2 to DDD Sora got dumb down for whatever reason. He used to seem mostly carefree but not stupid. Idk Just been bothering me for a few years now or whenever DDD released. Not that Sora's intelligence is thaaaaat important.

  2. i hope they dont turn sora into a jackass in 3 if thats the case might as well kill him off and make aqua the main i mean shes badass, a keyblade master,well liked, and not an annoying kid

  3. I finished Kingdom Hearts 2 when I was in elementary school. Like 3rd or 4th grade.

    I'm in university now.


  4. The MoM actually did tell Gula that there was going to be a traitor. But he didn't tell who it was, instead he tasked Gula to figure it out and eliminate the traitor.

  5. Dude, all of dream drop distance was giving Sora the he's a fucking idiot treatment, they even say in universe, kinda jokingly but seriously, that Sora didn't catch onto things as fast as Riku, there's a whole weird undertone to the game that's just like Sora is a Goku etc character where he just sticks to what he knows, swinging around a chunk of giant medal and where riku is the smart better one which I can see it to where Riku would be the wiser one and maybe even stronger in pure strength but just the gap between then it defiantly felt like the game favored Riku more

  6. I don't think dream drop is under appreciated I just think dream drop may be one of the worst kh games, 1 obvious reason the drop bar, I have found myself almost beating a super hard fuckin boss and I don't have any drop me nots equipped because I need the fucking slot and I get dropped and have to restart the whole battle, yah that's a obvious one which prob a lot of people bitch about, I think atleast for bosses the bar should be gone, another is one people also may talk about a lot, he difficulty curb, the game starts out so easy then instantly throws you for a loop which TBH isn't like any other kh game I've ever played, I could beat every other game with just my current stats from going through the story with no additional grinding but in dream drop I'm finding myself looking up the best places to grind and the fastest way because I'm defiantly not playing for the switched jump and attack button, flowmotion fucking up your dodging and doing little damage while leaving you in an animation open to attacks ass gameplay, I'm playing for the story which I think most people are, if they aren't I'm sure they would have just brought 1.5 and 2.5 and maybe BBS for the road and called it a day but I still think most people are playing for the story that they can't get to because they stop playing the game after they get thrown into a bullshit boss outta nowhere, I just think dream drop did a lot of things wrong that they could have done rights but this is all my opinion so many people may think I'm fucking crazy

  7. I didn't watch the video yet but all I have to say is that KH X Backcover is a freakin good movie.

  8. I bought the game because I originally wanted to play Dream Drop Distance on the 3DS, but then… I lost my console, with all of the games I had with it (a tough lesson learned, that's for sure)
    It was around that year that I became a fan of the series, watching people like blahblahlps, and now NicoB, play through the series. I became so invested in KH that, when they announced 2.8 for the PS4, I was like "Heck yeah! This is my chance now!"
    And now I'm waiting for 1.5 + 2.5, so that I can experience the whole series as well, in my Road to Kingdom Hearts III

    In my opinion, what I loved about DDD is the inclusion of Flowmotion, and how it affected the level design. Now there's more mobility, and the Worlds became bigger, and more interactive too. I didn't minded the story itself, it doesn't become too complicated if you don't think too much about it; I guess.

    0.2 was a great experience on the classic KH formula from the "mainline" series. Ya know, I and II gameplay. It didn't had Flowmotion, only to an extent of riding the Blizzaga's icy rails and some woods, but since it'll do a comeback in KH III, I'm more excited about it now.

    I haven't seen the KH X movie yet, but I expect good things from it, at least as a form of entertainment; storywise, I believe I'll get questions about it, but I don't really think too deep or hard on it that much, but I trust Nomura can tie the loose strings with KH III (At least I hope he does o3o)

    Overall, I enjoyed the 2.8 compilation so far, and I do believe it was worth the full price, at least in my opinion.

  9. It's like getting a small piece of easily one of the tastiest candies (if not THE tastiest) ever…

  10. Yeah after watching Back Cover I immediately thought of the bit from Futurama where Hermes says That just raises futher questions XD

  11. Man, you know what I just realised? I don't want KH3. I actually don't want the fucking game anymore. For them to string along half shit-slapped together trailers for four years and THEN release a pretentious 'prologue' game that would mean you'd fucking think 3 would finally be on its way, only to see a 'Oh uh March 2018 maybe? 🙂 haha we're competent' from the devs like…. fuck man, I'm bored. I actually don't care anymore. All this build up and pussyfooting around actually making the fucking thing feels super unprofessional and kind of lazy.

    I'm actually sick of the sight of the fucking thing. Just make a fucking game and then reveal it when you're done, don't throw together some half baked engine test footage and be like 'coming soon'

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