KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue – TGS 2016 Trailer


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  1. I love KH but have never even touched anything outside of 1 and 2…. makes me not want to even bother buying this, there's too many spin offs on random consoles and handhelds and mobiles and .2301i23i2434 versions of everything…!

  2. if there going continue the series they need to create a new song. the same 2 tracks are way to old for any more remixes

  3. We all know Square Enix is gonna wimp out and make KH 2.9 before we actually have a chance at getting KH3, right?

  4. You know what ? I'm really (REALLY) lost in the story. I played everything until bbs and now I'm lost and it's confusing with all those episode… The story seems to become a mess for me.

    But I'm glad this game is still famous. The game play as always is perfection as well as the quality of the image.

    I hope more kids will discover this beautiful serie. I discovered it whith KH2 when it came out in ps2. Now I'm 20 omg so much memories…

  5. It IS Matthew Mercer that plays Ira! I can't believe I didn't notice before! I'm so excited now; one of my favorite actors making it into the Kingdom Hearts franchise right after Final Fantasy! Amazing!

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