Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix – 30FPS Vs 60FPS


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  1. The cheat works great in all but sucks in actual combat or anything air related since gravity values are increased making some battles impossible to beat like Data Saix for example.

  2. I love how smooth it runs at 60 FPS, but I also hate how it really butchers the gravity. Everything falls too fast and doesn't get stunned into the air high enough, so it's hard to pull of air combos.

  3. i cant tell any difference at all. it doesnt even tell you which side was which.
    There's no difference in the two.

  4. This makes my dick hard. This is why i think we need kh3 on pc as well and they have NO GODDAMN REASON not to. They arent bound by a console contract

  5. some kh2 video's are in 60 fps (mostly hacked fights) and the camera moves allot , in 60 fps it feels way too wobbly , i dont like it

  6. The reason some of you can't see the difference is that your video quality is 480p and below. Change it to 720p60 or 1080p60.

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