Kingdom Hearts II – Final Mix Lingering Will battle in HD using PCSX2


FileSize: 27 MB

Free kingdomheartshackspcsx2 is ready for download

Kingdom Hearts II – Final Mix Lingering Will battle in HD using PCSX2was extracted from


FileSize: 26 MB

Free kingdomheartshackspcsx2 is ready for download

Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Sephiroth Battle 4K 8x res – 16x AF + cutscenes running on PCSX2 1.5.0was extracted from


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  1. this was hell on 2.5 on proud. took me 4 months. i screamed (and cried a bit) when i beat him.

  2. what inf health cheat you use?
    oh and pro tip, only attack when he finishes combo, he has a hitbox now

  3. Not to offend anyone, I know I was there before, but this makes me wanna make my own video for this fight as an example.

  4. i was wondering i wanted to play KH2 too but it says please insert a ps or ps2 game disk any help pls…

  5. Hello, don't know if you can help me. 
    I have no problem running the game, 60 fps constant, but the problem is that every time I skip a scene or it changes from a video scene, the audio lags for about 1 second each time. It is kind of annoying.
    Thank you

  6. it took me 416 to get him to 1 hp left but i couldent get a combo on to finish him then i died :p but pcsx2 team i have a question i play kingdom hearts 2 final mix in a steady 50-55 fps but its laggy i tryed the 60 fps hack and it was the same speed just smother i have  intel core i5 2.80GHz(4 cores) 8 gb ddr3 ram 1500Mhz 2.5 gb graphics video ram  and im just shaking my head of what to do

  7. What are your settings for the program? Each time I try playing this game at these graphics the frame rate drops completely, and I have an i7 processor, Nvidia GeForce graphics card and an 8 GB RAM. My computer should definitely be able to handle it

  8. "Used infinite health cheat because this guy is simply insanely hard 0_o"

    That is just sad. I know you can do it without cheats. Besides it would feel much better to complete the game without cheats.

  9. so i have the pcsx2 0.9.6. What things do i download from the Xeeynamo's patch for me to play the game?

  10. I liked the effect with the back ground or what ever it was and dude you are a kh2 god the cluch at the end waz amazing man

  11. So I take it that it's legal to upload a full ps2 gameplay using an emulator? I'm planning to upload some just for fun.

  12. would i be able to run 4k full speed ?
    my pc specs
    i7-6700 3.4 ghz
    Gtx 1060 3gb
    8gb ram
    1tb hard drive

  13. Hey does anyone know if my AMD a8 7600 quad core cpu and integrated graphics card can run this? It doesn't matter if its the lowest settings as possible!

  14. I have a question PCSX2, you know your native resolutions you have that we can select? does it scale Like this Native x1 480p Native x2 720p Native x3 1080p Native x4 1200p Native x5 1440p x6 4k Native x8 5k.

    i know this graph may be wrong but I did testing on my 1440p monitor and native x5 I assume is 1440p reason why I say this is because x6 and x8 don't look any different since I don't own a 4k monitor or higher, you have the time can you please list me your legitimate native resolutions please, thanks!

  15. about the widescreen patch, should i set the widescreen patches option in the setting checklisted, or not?

  16. Im getting my first gaming pc this year and I really want to get this emulator. I'm just scared that I'll mess up downloading it since I'm reading that most people are having issues with the bios thing.

  17. I tried getting some Gameplay footage of this with DXtory at 4k/60 fps using UTvideo codec YUV 422 and was constantly shifting anywhere between 40 to 55 fps. How were you able to capture this? Were you using shadowplay? I tried using MagicYUV but no luck there either and I used the latest dev build.

    My specs are here:

    I'm also using a slower hdd right now and not the one listed in the part list, but have it set up with a ramcache so the effective write speed ranges between 1 – 10 Gb/s depending on how much its writing.

    My CPU is also OC to 4.6 ghz

  18. it is possible to play any of those games online (p2p) with this emu to this date?? thanks in advance

  19. Hey, la wild new question about emulation appears again, defend yourself!

    You didn't played the game for this video from the beginning, right? You got some files of memory card (or save state) from someone who actually played the game until this point, and then made the video, is this correct?

    If yes, what is this files called? i didn't find anything about memory card or save state inside my pcsx2 emulator paste, and I've been playing Castlevania Curse of Darkness for a while using both (usual ingame save and save state), but still i can't find the files. Anyway, where are these files? i want to make some backups

    Do you think these files still gonna work on future versions? I am using 1.2.1

    * the emulation of Curse of Darkness is AWESOME by the way.

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