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  1. One, the South Park bit was how I actually started watching South Park and I forgot about that until I rewatched this. Two, I remember these being a LOT longer when I watched them back in middle school…

  2. Haha, I remember watching these after the game came out a few months over years ago. Shame the original poster got deleted 🙁 Despite that though, I am happy ppl are still reposting them for others to enjoy, I missed these.

  3. when sora and kairi are dancing, all i could think was " he looks to old for her here….pedo…"

  4. @MuzikGoRoundz @jaika90 the only place to find them anymore is on dailymotion. look up khoc parody and youll see the whole list (except 14 for some reason)

  5. It's bad when you've watched this so many times that your quoting it. <33 missed these videos

  6. Also, a little tip for Cargo Climber.
    You'll notice that sometimes the cart goes in the air if you hit it enough time.
    Hit it while it's in the air, and it'll just fly up that hill.

  7. "fuck my life with a can of tuna" omgg I've never heard that expression before 😂😂

  8. holy fucking shit the twilight thorn boss….. i would have completly obliterated my last ps3 controller i have….R.I.P 2 beloved ps3 controllers…

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