Kingdom Hearts Short and Honest Version 2 – Happy Faces


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Free kingdomheartscrackfic is ready for download

Kingdom Hearts Short and Honest Version 2 – Happy Faceswas extracted from


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Free kingdomheartscrackfic is ready for download

Kingdom Hearts Crazy Files 2was extracted from


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  1. Anywhere to find the fanfic of the short of honest version? deleted it and there's no decent google link with a back up provided.

  2. please…make more…I will name my children after you if you do. This series must not die!!!!!

  3. @matb70774 If you mean that stupid song, we were messing with the sound on our mic. Usi told me to talk, that crap just happened to come out like verbal diarrhea. I think she put that on there as part of her never ending quest to embarrass me.

  4. We're not entirely sure yet. We're struggling right now with keeping motivation T^T I bet if we got more comments and ratings, we'd be very motivated! ;D

  5. Hi there. I'm Nosidda, the creator of these videos. I'm coming back, and have created this new channel to host the videos. You can expect the videos to appear in the coming days. In addition, I'm making a new episode of KHCF, so subscribe. 😀

  6. GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!? 
    Nossida is back on Youtube!!!!!!!! 
    He's no currently known as ProNossida and he's already posted a separate channel for the Kingdom Hearts Crazy Files series!!!! 
    No videos have been posted there because he's still editing the songs out due to copyright but the main thing is we get to see the humorous dialogue used in this crazy series!!!! 
    For the episodes that I re-uploaded, he told me to set them on Private once he gets the videos edited and uploaded on the new channel of his. 
    Meanwhile, enjoy the episodes until it's time for them to be held private!

    Falco2762! 😀

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