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  1. Storywise: Master Xehanort (specifically the old man himself)'s sheer Plot Armor.

    So many @$$pulls, contrivances, retcons, etc., just to make him look good for KH3.

  2. Small adjustments i would make. Instead of wisdom form firaga, i would say form + magic. have u seen master thundaga vs the grim reaper? final firaga vs literally anything.
    Now instead of COM Sonic Blade i'd say Sonic Blade in general is OP, KH1s sonic blade was just as broken, and so is limit forms sonic blade.
    And finally. instead of limit form, i would say elixir spam in kh2 is broken, it works with limit form, but you can also just spam character limits for insane damage. 8 elixirs equals to 9 limits, theres barely any boss that can survive that. (data demyx maybe sicne the clones) and perhaps lingering will, but thats what the bitchslap strategy is for

  3. Just come here you say that Balloon spells is hard to get, but I just start playing DDD on PS4 I'm only at the second world and I can already buy it to Mog and they're really not expansive at all is this a modification for the Remastered version ??

  4. Huh…never knew about wisdom form fire for the demyx fight……dat two hours hardship when i first fought him T-T

  5. Alright, I can most definitely agree that the infinite invincibility dodge roll and cartwheel are broken if you use them to avoid taking a single hit, but to be fair; I think they're justified when fighting the BBS Unknown. (You've seen his moveset.)

  6. Question. The Dodge roll in Kingdom Hearts. The first Kingdom Hearts, just to be clear. I don't think that was broken, but I'm not sure. I seem to remember still getting hit whilst using it sometimes. Am I wrong, was it broken in the first game too?

  7. but i like chain of memories. finished the gba version multiple times and the remake multiple times as well. dunno why people hate it so much. maybe im just a very big kh fanboy

  8. …… HU??? I've played KH2 a ton and fought Demyx a ton… I have never used magic of any kind on him. (Of course I almost never use magic in the first place…) I don't get it. :l Sure its difficult with just the keyblade and reaction commands but… Its just not That hard. :/
    Good video regardless but… What. Even.

  9. what about the duel system in COM? In my speedrun I beat vexen, riku, lexaeus, zexion, even ansem by JUST using duel. Never used any regular attacks, or sleights.

  10. In # 1 has a much better ability than dodge row and cartwheel, it is called fire wheel … it can be created by combining cartwheel and some attack or fire magic, but I do not remember what it is, with it you can deflect from the attacks Of the boss and to deal damage at the same time, is an absolutely cheating ability!

  11. The most broken thing I've seen was in Re:Coded. The Zero/One keyblade has the most broken ability ever: Targeting Scope. It allows your basic combos to hit any enemy you're locked onto from ANY distance!
    You don't even need to face it; Sora's back can be turned – or the enemy could be flying all over the place, as long as you're locked on, it will deal damage.
    The combo swings even follow through; if one swing kills an enemy, the auto-lock will target another enemy before the animation finishes and damage that enemy too. Potentially, you can kill a group of 3 shadows with a single forward chop. 4 or 5 with the combo finishers since they have longer animations.
    The same keyblade also has the Heavy Blade ability, preventing your attacks from staggering you if you hit a shield or something similar. So even if the enemy is protected, you can combo from a distance and be fine.

    There's also one tactic I used when fighting Young Xehanort in DDD as Riku. 3 Magic bosts, 3 fire boosts, 5 magic hastes, 4 Firaga Bursts. Double jump so you're too high up to get hit, then just spam Firaga bursts in mid-air. The first one will be ready to use again by the time the fourth one's animation finishes. The animation also keeps Riku (and Sora) suspended in the air, the will only descend (and barely at that) between casts. Try it, I found it more broken than the balloon spells. hell, as Riku I prefer the firaga bursts over balloon even when fighting Julius.

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