Kingdom Hearts Sora VS Riku + cutscenes HD running on PCSX2 1.3.0


FileSize: 27 MB

Free kingdomheartshackspcsx2 is ready for download

Kingdom Hearts Sora VS Riku + cutscenes HD running on PCSX2 1.3.0was extracted from


FileSize: 30 MB

Free kingdomheartshackspcsx2 is ready for download

Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix PCSX2 Full Hd Test (Config in Desc)was extracted from


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  1. So when it comes to emulating ps2 games, I've heard that the CPU is the most important thing?

    I've heard that you need at least 3.0GHz to run things smoothly.

    Mine is unfortunately only 2.6 and most games have poor framerate

  2. I'm kinda curious about this as well…is there any way to fix or reduce the stretching of 2D textures? From what I know from experimentation, full texture filtering helps (at least with the outline of sora's cutout face on the health bar), but the stretched textures on the 3D models, i'm not sure..if possible. Maybe something similar to what PPSSPP does with theirs through some kind of filter?

  3. the only thing that bothers me is that Sony doesnt make this one of the best playstation games

  4. Hi PCSX2 team,

    thanks for offering that tool and thanks for this information including all the settings. Sometimes it happens that the sound ingame lags – especially when it comes to loading new scenes are spawning on a safepoint (this already comes up when I start the emulator, and the intro plays..).

    Do you have any fix for that?

  5. Thinking about getting the Alienware Alpha as my next home console would be pretty bad ass if i could play Kh2 on it in HD, would it run smoothly on the AlienWare Alpha?:

    Intel Core i3-4130T Dual-Core Processor (3M Cache, 2.9GHz)

     Windows 8.1 64 Bit

    Video Card: Alpha chassis with NVIDIA® GeForce® GPU 2GB GDDR5

    RAM: 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz Memory

    500GB SATA 6Gb/s

  6. Hey pcsx team, could you help me, i want to enable a widescreen patch for kingdom hearts 1 final mix, but i enabled a English patch on it, will the region still be japan, meaning i'd apply the Japanese widescreen patch?

  7. ese juego no pide casi nada de gráficos.. deverias poner comparaciones como juegos de METAL GEAR solid 3, tekken 5, god of war1 o 2,  juegos pesasos con artos gráficos.. para ver diferencia.. no juegos de graficos bajos.. igual gracias amigo.. 

  8. You guys are like. Holy shit. I know emulators are hard to make from my friend (you probs remember my last post) and jesus fuck. PCSX2 is amazing, it runs so smoothly, it has so many useful features. Use thanks to you guys.

  9. Have you guys considered making it so PCSX2 can have profiles for different games when things get more along for the next stable release? I know it seems minor, but it would be really nice to have 🙂

  10. instruction :how to accelerate the EE / IOP, Vs, GS……? <<<< is no perfection in my pcsx2
    only fps only in perfect condition……. please help my configuration pcsx2 vidios
    "Guitar Hero" PLAYING

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