Kingdom Hearts – Various Hacks


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Kingdom Hearts – Various Hackswas extracted from


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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Secret/Hidden Rooms – Room Hackswas extracted from


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  1. You know, one time, in KH 358/2 days, in the Beast's castle, I suddenly fallen into a dark hole that leads to nowhere and then game over. WEIRD! Maybe some bug or something…

  2. When you made Disney Castle playable, was the music glitchy or something? I don't mind the Sonic CD song used here, though as it is an excellent song choice.

  3. u have no idea how annoyed i was that destiny islands was inaccessible the whole game.
    It'd be nice to finally go back after seven years, you know? Actually explore the island behind it too

  4. Did anybody notice in the library the flower lamp on the desk? It looks like one of the bell flowers when you heal

  5. Seriously!! What is that ominous castle in the realm if darkness that Aqua sees at the end of the secret episode, it looks like an anti version of Cinderella's castle. I wonder why? 

  6. Can you explain why Cinderella's Castle is in the Dark Realm? It's really bugging me to understand why. Also, I was playing Quizup and one of the questions was "Who's being trained to become the seventh gardian of light?" and the answer was Kairi. Is that true or just a rumor?

  7. So I guess I can assume that in BBS volume 2 they intended you to visit worlds like you normally do but in the realm of darkness instead of light? That would be interesting, especially since Destiny Islands was consumed in darkness as well.

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