La-Mulana 2 Kickstarter DEMO: Nidhogg’s Defeat NO CHEATS! (Final Part) – J PLAYS


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La-Mulana 2 is a sequel to the indie cult classic, and one of my favorite games, La-Mulana. In it you control Lumisa Kosugi, a child of the Kosugi line of archeologists as you journey to discover the mysteries behind Eg-Lana. Eg-Lana seem to be a set of ruins based around viking lore and mythology, making the journey through Yggdrasil a treacherous yet wondrous one!

In this final episode, we defeat Niddhog and discover a few last things! Here’s to a great experience when the full game is released!

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  1. Watch you slay Lamulana(r) some time ago, and that game has since, become the bane of my gaming life in a neutral, addictive way. Can't wait til this comes out, many, many years in the distant future. And ofcourse, watching you kill this with ease

  2. Goddamn, J. This… This isn't gonna be like going through La-Mulana+ in Japanese. This is gonna be very different. I hope I can make it when the game releases, to try and help you through it with the rest of the stream. But damn, Eg-Lana is not joking around whatsoever. I saw Nidhogg in the Kickstarter trailer and immediately thought "That is one dangerous-looking boss." And he's a mini-boss. That only terrifies me in what the actual bosses will look and fight like.

  3. Can't wait to see you run this when it fully comes out.

    Especially since it seems there won't be a need to try and figure out the game in Japanese this time…

  4. Pretty rad J. I tried fighting Nidhogg but just couldn't bring myself to sit there that long. Hats off to ya and damn I can't wait for the full game.

  5. Oh snap, I wasn't aware Ratatoskr could actually be found.  And yeah, the Bloody Passage is definitely a huge mystery…

    I quite enjoy how the reward for beating the Nidhogg was… nothing, because you're not supposed to manage it yet.  8D

  6. I must say that was really impressive learning the pattern and sticking with killing it despite how much health it had.

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