1. Hahaha, I find this funny. You need to get an education, you can’t even spell the word offence right, yet you still believe that Asians are annoying because of their face? You need to catch up with the modern world.

  2. Are masteries and runes allowed in this battle? How did TPA start the game with a 100 more gold? Masteries would explain the extra 100 gold. . .

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  4. North Americans, “Why play video games when you can watch the Asians battle it out.” (In video games except for North Korea, which is real battle.)

  5. all the winners are fat. that is okay for them to win, cause play always. hee hee.

  6. “At” is a Preposition
    Expressing location or arrival in a particular place or position. So saying you’re “at the computer” is already assuming the situation that you’re in front of the computer using it.

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