1. now basically we cancelled the command that doesn’t let you change the zoom value. go back to the main window and change the value. enjoy =)
    also thumb this comment up if it worked for you. (it will)

  2. not working like it is explained in the video. you find 2 addresses instead of one with the value 2250.
    to fix this, double click the second one (should always be the second one) to add it to your list. right click it in your list on the bottom, click on “find out what write to this address” and a window will open, click yes. now something will instanttly pop up in the list on the left, select it, click replace and type in 0 or something, it doesn’t really matter.

  3. i don’t understand how they can consider this cheating when if you have a higher res your viewing range is increased.. this is the same thing without having to have a com with a good graphics card or a display that can support a high res…

  4. lol no , new update today and its working 🙂 but maybe to detect the cheataaaaah ???? :O

  5. its patched/banned since yesterday :”( was cool to see more cause i played with cam fixed on my champ

  6. I dont think so. I’ve tried all game options, a few versions of cheatengine (also 6.2) and i followed step by step your guide. Still doesn’t work so, how could you explain, that many ppl have the same problem: 2 addresses after second scan?

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