LEAVING EXTINCTION + 2 KEY GIVEAWAY! – EXTINCTION Official Small Tribe | ARK: Survival Evolved Ep44

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Wassup Watcher!
Welcome to My Official Small Tribe PvP EXTINCTION Servers Let’ Play, Hope you enjoy it don’t forget to Subscribe and turn on notifications to never miss an upload!

So this is a base tour of what we was going to build on official, as i was taking a few days off ark my tribe had already took it down so i dint have the progress of the official base on vid but i did have the single player copy for the end result and to be in with a chance for winning one on the EXTINCTION keys comment down below what you have steam, xbox or ps4!

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  1. if you dont want the grind of offical you can come and play on xbox just serach Ark World Cluster- Maw Maw Prime its pvp and 10x boosted! i Love you videos Uncle Apex and you are always welcome on xbox if you like.

  2. Im on pc just started to build mine buying parts off black Friday im on a laptop so ark dosen't run well on it that's pretty much why I'm building it i also want to become a twitch streamer if possible plz let me win i would be very grateful

  3. I'm a huge fan I found you on the island doing solo raids and I really like your content you got me into ark and I would really like to try extinction.

    (I play on PC)

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