Let’s Cheat – Slay the Spire – infinite gold (Bitslicer Trainer for MacOSX)

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I found a way to mess up the ingame memory at the merchant. The game changes the addresses during purchase. This can be a bit tricky so please do exactly what I say:

0. Download Bitslicer for MacOSX and get a bit familiar with. It’s not that hard and very user friendly (https://github.com/zorgiepoo/Bit-Slicer)
1. Play the game and gain some gold.
2. Play until you reach a merchant.
3. Open Bitslicer and make sure you have the following settings enabled: Search 32 bit unsigned integers with little endian.
4. Remember your gold amount (eg. 110).
5. Back in the game, buy a (cheap) card, so that you have gold left for another (eg. 83).
6. After click, immediately press “M” for opening the dungeon map.
7. Switch to Bitslicer and search for your gold amount (eg. 83).
8. Switch back to the game and buy another card.
9. Again, immediately press “M”.
10. Switch back to Bitslicer and search your NEW gold amount (eg. 38) without clearing the previous search (that’s the regular case).
11. Change the first value in the list to a value lower than 65535.
12. Switch back and “enjoy” your game 😉
13. If nothing happend, close the game and try again. Since this is a early access game on steam, it may change and fix this probably. The version I used was “EARLY_ACCESS_014”

Do you want more that kind of videos? With audio comment? Tell me in the comments.


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