Let’s Hack DOOM: Infinite Health & One Hit Kills (Cheat Engine 6.5.1 Tutorial)

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  1. Ehm so I've done something like that:

    push rax
    mov rax,[ebx+040]
    cmp rax,2F
    pop rax
    jne code
    jmp return

    It works I can kill and not lose health, but my question is, did I nop? Cause my Health does not go to full It just doesn't take affect when getting hit, I can get more health by eating food, I'm playing on Dishonored, so It's simply just nop my health :)?

  2. +Stephen Chapman whats your actual debugger settings?
    btw: shouldnt you pushf and popf around the compare? this time the game doesnt crash, but other games may crash if you fck their flags^^

  3. Sorry to bother you again but I still need a bit more help. So after successfully following your outline and created a working script, I saved it as a *.ct file. I exited everything and then restarted Doom, loaded CE, loaded the new *.ct scrip file but the script refused to activate (can't put an "X" in the box). What am I doing wrong this time? Please help.

  4. Hi. Cheat Engine gives me an error message saying "I couldn't attach the debugger to this process!…" and "closes/crashs" Doom (steam ver). Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Please..

  5. Hai, Stephen Chapman I wasn't able to use the mov command after the lea command if I wrote it the I wasn't able to activate the script what to do can you help please thanks in advance

  6. broham,I was wondering how can i find the addresses for the jumping 'cause I would like to increase my jump height.

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