LETS HACK SOMETHING!!! | Temple Run 2 on Android

Filename: templerun2hackandroid.zip

FileSize: 24 MB

Free templerun2hackandroid is ready for download

LETS HACK SOMETHING!!! | Temple Run 2 on Androidwas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15724





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  1. That gamekiller app reminds me of the pro action replay cartridges. These worked in a very similair fashion. Do you remeber the game genie on nintendo? I played around with this cheat cartridge a lot back in the day, modifying existing codes to create new ones. A few years back I figured out how to create new codes by using a NES emulator. The game genie simply patches memory adresses and the NES uses a 5602 based processor so using a C64 assembler book was quite helpfull. Too bad modern games often gave built in anti-cheat features, in the good old days games where really hard and cheat devices where most welcome to get more out of your game. You could also do really weird things with them too, i.e. making mario moon walk.

  2. I like programming.  Unfortunately, on the iPhone, the only way to do this is by jailbreaking the device.  I haven't tried it yet, but there is no text editor for editing code, or a way to edit the code through a PC, so we have to jailbreak and install Cydia and risk all the files on the phone.

  3. Hi Ben, i have rooted my device (Samsung galaxy s4 mini), i have downloaded gamekiller apk file and loaded it. it says i have to pay for the full version so i am able to modify values. please could you give me a link to the website you got it off so that i can use it without paying! Thankyou

  4. Just had a two's complement lecture today, to see it in this video I understand it better now I've seen it in use.

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