Let’s Play: Civilization VI – Deity Australia! – Part 10

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  1. Outback stations on the cliffs of Dover would make strong tiles… And a big middle finger to England from us "convicts" lol

  2. I'd really would like to see a decently performed cultural victory game with Australia. Domination victory is so old and booooring.

  3. You only get production bonus for 10 turns when you get declared on, for the 20 turns you need to liberate a city.

    Also, the gaps in the polar ice is new in this patch to make circumnavigating the globe easier. You absolutely could find your ships blocked by ice before.

  4. There's a great place for an industrial zone North West of Xiurong. There was the quarry from the other city alongside an unowned quarry with a marsh in between them, You can chop the marsh for food then plant an industry between the two quarries.

  5. Venetian Arsenal is what you want for a naval victory and even on deity other sims rarely build it.

  6. "Great fence of Australia, that's what I'm talking about" – We have a really long fence called the rabbit proof fence. Go Australia

  7. he finally knows! he finally figured out that appeal is lowered by mines and some districts, and it only took 10 episodes!

  8. Quill…. you want other civs to declare on you, for the production bonus. And you specifically want China to declare on you because you have your fleet already in position to attack them (and they have yet to rebuild their army). So why are you promising to not settle near them? Give a response that angers them! Grow a pair!

  9. How did the Chinese settle Quixan so close to Villach? There are only 2 tiles away from each other. Wasn't there a minimum distance between cities?

  10. anyone else super annoyed by the fact that he talks about getting a builder for his colony northwest and immediately forgets about a it a turn after?

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