Let’s Play Nidhogg – Multiplayer Mondays

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  1. Looks awesome, I've got some mates coming over later so I'm going to download it so we can kick the crap out of each other 😛 Thanks for introducing this to me! 🙂

  2. surely rounds with best of 3 would have …..increased the video length, and made for a more favourable tete a tete? i guess we will never know 🙂
    Bravo Colin

  3. I saw screen shots of this and thought it looked dumb, but now seeing what is going on?! AWESOME!!! only wish my room mate would play indie games instead of sticking his nose in the air at them.

  4. As soon as they say "Greg VS. Tim and Colin VS. Nick" we already know its gonna be Greg and Colin in the finals

  5. I had to buy this game after seeing this video. The single player is stupid fun.

    Now I just need friends to play with! ¡_¡

  6. Guys, I really don't like that u guys don't teach the newbs the game first.. We always know who's going to the finals!

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