Let’s Play Planet Coaster Alpha 3 – Dreamland – episode 30 – It’s here!!

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  1. I love the way you use the space in your park.
    Also keep the castle like it is, it's so beautiful.

  2. omg this is amazing after finishing this i must watch from episode 1 I've been so hyped and still am to buy this is November amazing build btw

  3. Leave the Castle as it is, it is unique. Everyone is going to use the fairy tale theme and there castles all will look pretty similar. Yourr castle sill stand out from the rest.

  4. Enjoyed your live stream at gamescom and subscribed to see the other amazing things you build. This park looks incredible, and can't wait to see what you do with alpha 3! Keep up the incredible work!

  5. Would love to see you do a series where you talk and build. Speed builds are to fast and we do t get to hear you thought process.

  6. I realy realy love this parc and your creativity…  Will u make it possible anytime to upload the parc for other Players?  Pleaaaaase 😀

  7. wow creat job at this park and the gamescom! I did watch it 😀
    And I already knew you befor the Gamescom

  8. Keep the castle as it is! It's so beautiful and since it got easier to build castles in Alpha 3, with all the new pieces, I think this castle is a perfect example of how creative you were in Alpha 2. It's amazing that you were able to build a castle thát beautifull with just those pieces! You should be proud of yourself and keep the castle to remind yourself of that 😉

  9. yes more talking! Ideally throughout the whole episode, if not you could do an overview at the end of what you've just built?

  10. Wow. And to think we can download your creations now. To see your name as a celebrity on my game is amazing.

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