Let’s Play: Planetary Annihilation [BETA] Part 1: PLANET SMASHING

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  1. To use the rockets you have to go to the planets menu, the place u go to
    have your commander switch planets

  2. It appears that fabrication bots that assist construction use energy.
    Perhaps turning those off would help.

  3. Ok! I need it!
    I have Sins of Solar Empire, Supreme Commander, I want this game too!
    The Planet system option like Spore SpaceAge feeling! 😀
    And Universe Sandbox solar system editor feeling… mass… size… and
    edit planet orbital…. OMG I WANT IT!!!! :D

  4. Looks cool, but if something that large actually hit a planet it wouldn’t
    leave a crater that was smaller than the actual planetoid or asteroid or
    whatever it was that he launched.

  5. That was indeed awesome, too bad many of the effects are absent still, but
    when they get added i’m sure it’ll be amazing.
    I mean…nukes? HA! Nukes look like bottle rockets compared to when you can
    There was some good parts of this lengthy episode and lots of “droning”
    too, but it was worth it.
    Also, a lot of the planet names seemed to hark back to other games.
    Besides the Metroid one, there was a Final Fantasy VII named one, after the
    town Cloud grew up in, Nhilim I believe it’s spelled? I may be a little
    off, but that was it.
    I think there was another I picked up on too, but i’m too lazy to go back
    and listen, haha.

  6. Its nice to see the progression of the game. This is only the second video
    I have watched besides the promotional stuff, the first being Total
    Biscuits alpha vid. now that there are multiple planets and the crashing of
    planets in-game I do believe the price tag is justified. (EDIT) I also
    understand Im a bit late in my comment after looking at the date lol

  7. Hello, you seem to have more options to work with compared to the version i
    am playing which is later then yours.
    I designed a system but then later i realised i can’t load any system that
    was edited even one with the two planets.
    And i tried building in freemode and built orbital loaders but they
    wouldn’t get an orbit to the moon which was a long way away.
    I can’t find any tutorial on this.
    Will you please help me out?

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